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STOTON uses UBLOX chip design and production of a series of UAV applications GNSS GLONASS GPS module

      With the application of UAV in the fields of aerial photography, surveying, measuring, agriculture, security, etc. and play, UAV application gradually we are familiar with and understanding, can be said that the UAV is over the last two years the technology industry hot, also known as human are the Shenzhen electronics manufacturing industry

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Shenzhen STOTON Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., by virtue of years of GPS product design experience accumulation, has designed and developed a series for application of man-machine aeromodelling UAV GPS module, GPS and Beidou double module and geomagnetic high accuracy antenna integration measurement module. Chip using GNSS chip UBLOX8030 chip design and design, performance can be comparable to the UBLOXM8N module. The design of GNSS series modules can be used for model aircraft flight control four axis, six axis, 8 axis UAV, aerial patrol measurements, intelligent robot intelligent terminal applications. Which multimode combined positioning high precision GNSS positioning module, products integrated three-axis magnetic sensor HMC5883-HMC5983 JRC1144LNA two stage active signal amplification, temperature of KDS26MHZ 0.5PPM TCXO fill crystal design) module has a built-in flash, users can configure module of GNSS parameters according to the requirements of its use, such as changing the baud rate of the GPS and Beidou module output (default is 9600) 4800, 9600 38400 57600 and module statement output frequency interval (default 1 Hz per second 1 times / sec. 10HZ or 5HZ per second. , and module of GNSS integrated positioning mode of free switching (default is GPSGLONASS dual-mode positioning mode, can be directly through the U-CENTER direct configuration switching to GPS Beidou dual-mode positioning mode, which can be easily configured) can also meet the demand for special applications such as open high degree factor and so on. These parameters can and debug configuration and save.

Product features:

Product function integration is high, can be used for any combination or collocation. Default output per second GPS, location mode GLONASS 1HZ dual mode positioning.

Fala: make sure the GPS built-in capacitor in a 2 hour hot start function

The weight of the product: only 9.8 grams.

Connection mode: 1.25MM 6PIN horizontal terminal (reserved 6PIN pad)

Existing UAV GPS module specifications and dimensions:

Model: GN-808G size: 50*50*9MM 50*50*7MM (25*25*4MM ceramic antenna)

Model: 40*40*7MM GN-806G

22*26*7MM GN2206G (18*18*4MM ceramic antenna)

22*22*7MM GM-22U7 (18*18*4MM ceramic antenna, optional U7 or U8 chip)

For some model aircraft flight control board interference is relatively large, geomagnetic sensor in aircraft landing gear position of customers (that is, the aircraft has been integrated with the geomagnetic sensor, if there is no need of module configuration can be used in our default shipping specifications (GN-808G without flash without a 3-axis magnetic sensor hmc5883, HMC5983)

We can according to the needs of users provide OEM or ODM service, can according to the UAV model structure and flight control board interference factors caused by receiving satellite positioning time is slow, the special problems for a professional set of solutions and measures. We have a small volume and high sensitivity GPSGLONASS multimode module designed to enhance the endurance of UAV, the weight of only 7 grams, is a small volume of large energy. The small toy consumer remote unmanned aircraft, our proprietary design the small size low price high performance GPS and Beidou antenna combo module. To meet your diverse needs is our ultimate goal. If you have any questions about the application of the GPS positioning module of the UAV, please contact us at any time to discuss the exchange. QQ group number: 418757493 or direct mail consultation: sales@stotoncn.com


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