STOTON is a GNSS navigation professional solution provider and GNSS chip component agent. Company headquarters is located in Shenzhen, engaged in network GNSS GPS positioning and data transparent transmission, multi-mode GNSS satellite positioning, WiFi localization, for network car networking and other automotive electronics and related industries to provide professional high-quality GNSS positioning products and solutions. Company launched a penetration of series of products based on GNSS networking position location information and data return; long standby GPS positioning products, QQ joint location equipment, GPS tracker, micro channel GPS locator, for temperature and humidity areas such as vehicle exhaust test data through GPS fixed bit device and 4G+WIFI+GNSS multimode combined positioning solutions (travel package GPS locator, outdoor GPS positioning flashlight, extreme sports, GPS positioning, parachuting mountaineering aeromodelling flight trajectory GPS locator recorder, multi miniGPSWIFI set module) we can provide machine can also provide OEM and ODM customized service. We have a high-quality team, core team from CSR MTK international well-known enterprises, in the field of satellite positioning and navigation has a long-term accumulation of experience and successful cases, and strive for the industry to provide diversified product line, solutions and supply chain system. We continue to invite professionals to join, work together to win the courage to innovate, to create a strong cohesion of the team.



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