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with FLASH TTL level 1-10Hz UAV flight control model aircraft GPS receiversSTOTON uav gnss module (2).png

Product features:

GNSS UBLOX8030 multi mode positioning chip design (GPS, GLONASS, DOU BEI, QZSS)

Integrated compass three axis magnetic sensor, HMC5883, HMC5983.

Built-inflash, configuration switching GNSS module positioning mode GPS/GLONAA.GPS/BDS. Save changes output NMEA commands such as baud rate NMEA output refresh frequency

Integrated ceramic dual mode GPS ANTENAA GNSS (default antenna size 25*25*4mm, optional 25*25*2mm)

Default output: TTL level, 9600,1HZ, standard NMEA-0183 protocol output.

Optional 1 baud rate, 480096001920038400115200.

2 output protocol optional, NMEA-0183 or UBX.

3 output frequency optional, 1HZ--10HZ output. (default 1HZ output)

4 built in FLASH, you can save the configuration command information

5.LED work lights, GNSS module working status instructions, often bright: No location, flashing: complete positioning.


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